I figured it out!

Why is getting a haircut is so …uncomfortable.

You are at the barber’s and the lady/some other guy is trimming away and trying to chit chat <to self>less talkin’, mo’ cuttin'</to self> and you wonder why you always dread getting a haircut. Is it the price? No, not at $12.00 + $2 tip, < $15 for a decent cut is a good deal. Does it take too long? Too far away? No, not where I go. The biggest probem with haircuts is that your personal space is deeply invaded . They touch your hair, head, neck, and etc.; the only other person with those privleges is my wife! Sure sure, the doctor/dentist can also get pretty close, but at least they possibly have a professional degree and would not expose your unmentionables, without warning. Yet I faithfully go every six weeks and pay them to do it all; because, otherwise I’d have to be all ghetto and shave it myself in the bathroom, to 1/4 inch all around of course. Anyways, I just wish that there was some other way to get a decent do without the weirdness. If only Pete and Pete were still around, they’d know what to do.


2 thoughts on “I figured it out!

  1. [slow clap] Dude, Bravo!!! [clap building speed] Masterfully done!!! [full-on applause]
    You finally posted a real blog, I’m so proud.
    Oh so many comment coursing through my noggin, where to begin… Okay, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that would understand your use of code there, and I’m not sure if “” is a proper command; perhaps with the underscore . I think regular people use the good ‘ol ()’s, but there is no need to conform anytime soon.
    Is this post veiled critisism of my personal lifestyle? I feel a little attacked here. Besides, my hair is only 1/4″ on the sides, it’s 3/8″ on top.
    The part I hated about getting a haircut the most was the lack of English in the majority of hairstylists at the good ‘ol SuperCuts. You take all your before mentioned qualms over hair cuts and then tack on my fear of not being able to communicate and wizz-bang you’ve got some uneasiness there. I’m much more happy with my current barber, we understand each other a little too well at times. Plus, I haven’t paid for a haircut in five years, do the math (10 cuts/year @ $14/cut) and I’ve saved (wow, I had never added it up before. I amazed myself) $700.
    Dude, were the company of Pete and Pete available there would be no problem. Little Pete spent a summer cutting hair on an Alaskan oil barge when he was caught as a stowaway, he’s a pro. Or, after stuffing cotton in you ears, Artie would be able to give a super-shout that would cause your hair folicles to break off at just the right length.

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