So it’s finally out, Eliza and I will be the proud parents of a baby boy come Oct 28th. Actually, we’re almost halfway through now, the first trimester was kind of rough but things have smoothed out well now, at least for me. In case anyone is interrested I can post the ultrasound picts (yes, we have the one that shows he’s a boy). Personally, I think they’re kind of creepy, especially the earler ones that make it look like some kind of an alien baby; however, Eliza dotes on them almost nightly. Guess it would be weird/neet to have something growing inside of you and moving all around doing its own thing. Think of how hard it is to just share a house with an other person let alone an already full body cavity. Anyways, I am really looking forward to it and expect to be tossing little Xavier around within a year 🙂


3 thoughts on “22-May-2006

  1. Dude, Uncle John demands ultrasound pictures. I sure hope he’ll be around before a year from now; poor Eliza, if he’s not.
    So, I’m not sure if anyone else knows that you’ve actually posted; perhaps I shall inform them.

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