Some guys really like cars. Me? They’re too dirty, though I do have to change my own oil. No, I’d rather tinker with my computer, keeping my ol’ jalopy tuned up. Last summer it was overheating, the BIOS would let out a siren when it got over 60c, and shut down at about 65c. So finding where the air flows were and weren’t was a bit of a hastle. The best thing I ever did was cut off all those annoying grates covering the air vents. Cooled it right down to sub 100f easily. In the process of mangling the metal case, it left rather sharp jegged-metal egdes. I thought to myself: “I’ll just be careful around them.” This plan has worked very well until a few days ago…. On Friday I realized that my computer is too noisy. I was going to take out the powersupply as its fan is the noisiest, but new ones are too expensive($60+). On some random guy’s website he said that he opens up the PSU and changes out the fan himself. Thought I’d give it a try. Opened it up, pulled out old fan, ok. Unscrew quiet case fan to put in PSU, not ok. Those dang-nabbit jegged-metal egdes gashed my finger! It was okay at first until I put the wound under water to wash it, that’s when it really opened up. Anyways, 1 bandage later and I’m ok; the computer however, is only mediumly quieter. Anyone want to make a donation to the “Brent’s Computer Needs To Be Better” fund, I’m on paypal.


3 thoughts on “29-May-2006

  1. hahahahaha, I may be the only one who can truly appriciate this entry, and I do. Ahh, the exploits and mishaps of Brent.
    You should totally go with a liquid-cooled system and then over-clock your CPU, just because you can.

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