Cat Mania

In my house we have one of those creepy-cool old timey outdoor cellars with the storm doors that open upwards at an angle towards you (for all your hurricane needs). They are really heavy and old and almost rotted through; one of the planks on the bottom rotted and broke off about a 1.2′ section. We planned to have the landlords fix it sometime, but never did. Unfortunately, this hole was sized just perfectly for a cat to sneak into. We occasionally saw them sometimes going in and out to hide down there, the two neighborhood cats. Yesterday, I decided to do something out it. Found some old rusted metal wire grating and cut it to the size to cover the hole. All of the sharp edges I feindishly bent upwards so that if any furball tried to push it aside they would get cut by it and die due to rust poisening. It was fun trying to figure out how to be deviously menacing. So I staplegunned my trap to the door, only on one side they could get out but not in, and waited. Try they did. Today there is a dent at the top where one may have pushed through (the rust poison will get him though), ripped one of the staples right out. This morning Eliza said that one of the cats was sitting right out in front of it staring at her and saying: “you did this didn’t you…, don’t worry, you’ll pay.” Out cats are kind of creepy. Anyone know any good feline deterrents?


2 thoughts on “Cat Mania

  1. Dude, rust poisoning? you are fiendish; kudos to you. Hehehe.
    I’ve been told (by Kentuckans, mind you) that mothballs will deter anything. Apparently the ‘ol mothballs will keep out snakes and rodents as well.

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