Being an adult is cool. Eliza and I tend a baby every mon and wed for a few hours and ususally feed her dinner while we eat. Instead of traditional kid food the baby had: whole string beans and dry toast to gnaw on; while we ate Mac n Cheese with hotdogs. I like to slice the dog in 1/4 inch pieces but not all the way through the other side of the skin so that they form a slinky-like shape. Nuke it about a minute and the uncut edge fuses each bite into a crispy chain, it’s totally good.

My job on Monday was pretty stressful, they didn’t get me a laptop/computer yet so I have to busy myself for a while until they get me one tomorrow. I have a cool mentor and a good boss, I think that I’ll like it once things settle down. Because of this I slept really soundly last night until the early morning. I always have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night ( a part of my pregnancy symptoms, along with the weight gain ) so I went about 4am, slept for another 40mins then woke up again. There was this strange sound ( always thinking that I’m getting burglerized ) outside so I went to investigate. It was that stupid cat! Pawing and jumping, yes jumping, on my carefully laid cellar-door screen. After a while he got it pushed in and darted inside. Wish I could borrow my dads pellet gun and take care of business.


3 thoughts on “7-Jun-2006

  1. A couple of weeks ago there was a cat orgy in our parking area. We had our window open, so we both woke up. It sounded like someone was putting cats in kitchen appliances. Stoopid cats.

  2. Dude, say the word and I’m down there with pellet gun for a little TCB (Aaron, ten points if you remember what TCB is). I wonder if I can get ahold of a night vision scope…?

  3. John is always telling me he’ll come down to my house with the pellet gun and take care of all these scary crows that hang out. Crows totally freak me out.
    So, with your comment – I wasn’t sure if you were trying to say “amusing” or “amazing.” It sounded sarcastic either way. :/
    I added you to my protected list, btw. So now you can read my actual entries, hahah. I’m sure you’ll find them “amuzing” as well.

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