So I work now. We had a departmental meeting last week where approximately 60 of us listened to the boss speak, they even had boxes of KK’s and coffee n stuff. A statistic: of all the employees there, I was 1 of 3 non-asian descented persons. I generally like asian people but I really feel like a minority (how ’bout that one black guy on campus, ha! just like the mish). They try not to speak too much Chinese around me because its rude. Also, there is the pervasive “work all day until you have no other life” concept. One guy that I share the office with comes in around 10am sits at his computer until 8pm, all day; for lunch he warms some noodles or rice and slurps for entire half-hour (still at his computer), I had to leave the room it was so disgusting. Us hourly employees get to leave when our hours are up or collect the sweet overtime pay. At least the commute isn’t bad, its far but all reverse traffic so that it’s manageable.


One thought on “12-Jun-2006

  1. I’m assuming that “KK’s” are rispy remes. Either that or it- at’s, but that would be a little strange for a company meeting. Now, if you got the whole room of people singing the “Gimme a break” song and swaying to the motion while handing each other the Kit Kat bar to break off a piece of, that could be pretty cool. It would be especially funny when you factor in the various Asian accents, you know, with the lack of pronounced “r” sounds and all.
    HA! I just set up that scenerio in my head and hit “Play,” quite hilarious. It was not all too dissimilar to many instances of “Gung Ho;” good ‘ol Michael Keaton.

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