I’ve never had a full-time job until now and it’s so weird because I actually get hungry on a regular schedule. I wake at 8am -> hungry, then at 11:30am -> hungry, 4:10pm -> hungry. What’s up with that? I used to eat ’cause I liked food, now I hardly care what it is as long as it fills my aching belly. When I got from work I scarfed a whole Butterfinger bar before dinner just because I couldn’t take it anymore; then ate my whole dinner all gone. Eliza was laughing at my plight, she has been working for 8+ years and thought that she was the one that was different by always needing snacks and proper meals to satiate “the hunger”.

I think I’ll try to enjoy food more.


One thought on “17-Jun-2006

  1. haha, working-stiffs! I eats when I dang well please.
    I’d like to get some sort of sleeping schedule down, that’d be cool. At least I’ve got a tried an’ true pooping schedule down, that’s a plus.

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