I made up a new rule for when I should write a new entry: Whenever I go to AngryToaster’s blog and it hasn’t been updated in over 3 days, then I should post something.

Well, what do you think? All the details aren’t worked out yet. Also, by the looks of things, I’ll be posting at least a few times a week.

Warhammer results for the gamer-geek at heart: The game was Aaron and Lewis against me, 2500pts a side.

Result: a solid vicory on my part.

I tried a new strategy with the Necrons, try to pick on the leadership values using Pariahs. It didn’t work out so well, I think that I’ll just stick with a more standard shooting strategy from now on. The other experiment was using my favorite special character “The Deceiver”, he was sweeeet. Actually in the game he didn’t do too much except be scary, he really came in handy though in tranporting my huge squad of 20 warriors across the board between deployment and the first movement phase. My opponents had put squads on the far side of the boad specifically to combat them, no more warriors = they had to walk for the first two turns just to get into range. It was great, unfortunatly it is a trick that will only work once. I think that Aaron and I had fun playing.

If anyone wants to get a game on, slip me an email.


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