How’s your neck? …Stings.

Yea, my neck hurts real bad!

My desk at work is so unergonomical. A finally put two yellowpages under my monitor so it would be raised up a little but, it still needs like another 5 inches. They also gave me a rollerball mouse. A Billion-dollar company and they… rollerball! arg

At least I’ve got a system down: charge music player in the more-effective morning working hours, then in the noisy lunch to sleepy afternoon time listen to tunes. Oh, and waste away the last 45 minutes of work because you can’t think of anything else but going home.

As promised here is my post on the super-fun Friday night beach trip. It was a bit hecktic getting it all together because it was kinda last minute. The fire was hot, candy was plentiful, drinkable liquids nonexistent, and all went a little too late in the evening. I’d do it again! Though without the parking fee, I’m such a cheapskate.


4 thoughts on “How’s your neck? …Stings.

  1. dude, rollerball would be a sweet fake movie promo. It’d be all testosterone crazy so you think at first it’s about sports (isn’t there a movie called rollerball) and stuff, then it cuts Brent getting super pissed at his roller ball mouse. That’d be awesome.

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