I got this new PC game called Battlefield 1942. It’s kinda old (1992) but, it was one of the best in its day. The graphics are decent and the gameplay is solid. It’s especialy sweet when you see the flash of the rocket being fired at you and you move just as it whizzes past your head, they have a special sound for when you narrowly escape death. One of the unique things about this first person shooter is the total feeling of battle. Each side is assigned so many “tickets” per each battle (100-400 adjustable). Every time a guy dies and has to respawn at a base he takes up one ticket. In one battle my guy usually dies about 10 times; though, each time I can take out at least 3 Germans so it’s ok. Today while playing, I used one of my dudes to sneak behind the front line to the enemy base so I could steal one of his tanks, Germans have good craftmanship y’know. Then I run over all his front line dudes with said tank while firing the cannon and machine gun at the same time. I got like 8 guys that way. Then I got a mine strapped to my back and blowd up. Of all the soldier kits, my true my favorite guy to be is the sniper: Mr. Play-it-safey.
Unfortunately, this game is why I have no time to update. I got it a Fry’s for like 15 USD, if you could get an online game going it would be dang sweet!


2 thoughts on “7-Aug-2006

  1. is that 15 “United States Dollars”? Do you have a large amount of foreign readers or something?
    I feel less inclined to buy this game, but strangely more inclined to go buy a german engineered VW or something.

  2. That game gives me a headache to watch… it is so glitchy and jumpy – I never do well with those sort of games (like the little purple dragon game Johnny has). I’d like to find a game that won’t make me dizzy and is super fun, but so far… I’ll just stick with good ole’ Mario! I feel like I’m turning into my mother, out of the loop and goofy when it comes to playing new games.

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