Saturday was the Sacramento temple trip, it was really cool. Walking through in normal clothes with all the people didn’t seem as special to me as when you go into a normal operating temple to do work. So I don’t know if it’s just me but, when other people at church were saying how much of a Spirit they felt there, I couldn’t really agree. Not compared at least to how much of a Spirit is there in doing acual temple work. It is a good looking temple and would be neat to visit again.

I’m a tech guy and I like gadgets. I’m also a cheapscate, this is a problem – unless you’re the cheapscate spouse of a cheapscate ( referencing no one in particular : ). To saciate my cravings, usually I just study up on the technology hoping that I can get a good deal when the time comes. That’s why I love playing with my new gadget: a digital camera. It’s sweet, you can change all the settings: exposure, f stops, ISO, and it has a good zoom to boot. Thinking about how cool it is and reading the manual is just as satisfying as acually using it, maybe moreso… and wait ’till you see all the accessories that it can have! By the by, it’s a Panasonic Luminix, a superzoom we got for about $360 including case and memory card (online); though, I have yet to see its picture quality up close.

We had Stake Conference this last Sunday, I was very impressed. Almost every talk was good, even the songs were good choices. In this Stake we have consistenly excellent conferences: I always feel like writing them a letter afterwards to say thank you for doing a good job.

Well, it’s 8:30 now, time to shove off to work.


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  1. The camera also came with that hood thing, and a lense cleaning kit, and straps! At less than the price of just the camera at Costco ($379) plus it came with extras… a cheapscate’s paradise!
    I absolutely my cheapscate spouse! ** blush, sigh and swoon **

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