Still in the first real week of school and already ditching my Monday morning class ( Aaron, how ever did you make it so far? ). Yeah, roofing last week was cool, I only fell off once. Besides all that, just cleaning up for some family that will be visiting this week and getting the babie’s room prepped. Also, I need to buy a laptop for school; nothing fancy just with a wireless card so that my teachers can give online quizzes during class. That’s one of the silliest policies that my school has: a paperless (ie: we’re too cheap to make copies) classroom. So instead of them paying the few dollars to make copies of tests and quizzes, I have to buy a $700+ portable computer to take the test on. Why don’t I just give them some of what I would have spent on a computer and then no one would have to lug theirs to class. And what happens when the network is down or everyone is trying to upload to the network all at once and we sit while our little hour glasses spin and spin? Well, I guess technology is progress and progress is good for its own sake… – in a pig’s eye !

BTW it’s my birthday in about 10 days, 28 yrs, that’s how I’ll be measured.

And I really didn’t fall off the roof, um…, that was a joke, I made it up, not a very good joke was it?


3 thoughts on “28-Aug-2006

  1. You totally had me going – I was going to ask John why he didn’t tell me that you fell! Apparently being on the roof really stresses him out, with the whole trying not to fall deal. >_<
    You boys worry me.

  2. Good thing you didn’t fall off the roof – I would have had to freak out! At least you put on sunblock and as a consequence have no burns (good job, honey!). Yeah, I think making a laptop a requirement is also stupid… what does the poor kid do who is barely makin’ it? We can claim poverty, right?

  3. hmmm, this entry did not move me. Brent, I’m afraid you’re slipping.
    You get a C+, and that was being generous. Come on now: “in a pig’s eye!” and “that was a joke, I made it up, not a very good joke was it?”
    We expect a little more effort from you in the future.

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