Well, I attended my first and only Child Birth Preparation Class today. Mostly it was just medical stuff and all the what if questions with handouts. More of the CBPC was mostly interesting than not; but, then I had this great idea…
They should really separate the meeting out: men in one room and da womenz in the other. The men could then get down to business right away and get just the facts in cold honest truth. Percentage risks in a table and mabe some flipcharts or a powerpoint would be nice. We could devise a flowchart depicting our ideal birth course with appropiate contingency plans. Yeah, that would be great. The women in the meantime, could continue playing their “I have a worse baby birth horror story than you” game ’till their hearts content. Then all the pregos could have a healthy cry together and get even more freaked out watching the video of a live birth gone wrong or a C-section or whatever. We’d then all come back together, do our breathing routines and go home in half the time. Everyone would get what they needed and be happy*.

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5 thoughts on “16-Sep-2006

  1. Where would the quality control be… all the women would be pressuring the men to find out what they learned (and would not accept any one word answers like “stuff”). And then the women would still give you a indepth and lengthy explaination of what their class was like, so you’d still feel like you went to it… you might as well stick with the one class… it is better that way.
    Thanks for going with me sweetie – you are GREAT! I wouldn’t have wanted to be the expectant mom there without her husband, then everyone would stare at me and conclude that I was a single woman that got myself knocked up. Like all of us were wondering why there was that guy in the back of the room all by himself… maybe his wife threatened death if he didn’t go to it, take notes and recite the whole thing word for word back to her when he got home.

  2. not a bad idea. It could have useful info like how to hold back the leg while pushing, or where the room is so you can get water. It could also have the really scary info so that the guys take it a little more seriously, which they can’t tell the girls because they’d scare themselves stupid. Plus, it’s already pretty serious to the girl, but the guy doesnt really walk around with the baby in his stomach all day. Seriously, it became a whole lot more real for me when my kids popped their little heads out and looked around.

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