Warhammer Results from Saturday

The game was Cleanse gamma (with quarters and vp’s). Paul and Lewis vs the green tide, 2000 a side. I lost the first turn roll with my eksperimental shoota ork army – badmoons where there’s no choppas, everyone is a flash git, and no less than three battlewagons waaaa! Over half the points were gone by turn 2 it seemed, the Imperial forces ended with lots of vehicles and me with a few squads of greenskins. The cool thing was that it was a very close game almost the entire time. I like that because then no one feels like it was a clobbering and will want to play you again. Game ended in an official draw with no quarters being claimed and thus my warhammer craving has been satiated for the next few weeks.

My wife’s belly, from the side, is shaped kind of like Bullet Bill from Mario 3.


4 thoughts on “Warhammer Results from Saturday

  1. three batlewagons? how pimped out did you make them (and where did you get the models)? no choppas? I’ve planned out a bloodaxe army on paper. I should email it to you to see what you think.


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