This week I have been helping my parents-in-law move into their new place. Its a good move for them so i’m glad to help out, and I can use the exercise; though, they have needed a little more help than I am willing to give. Tonight I helped move and drain 5 of 6 water storage barrels that they have. Y’know the big blue 55gal ones that my dad tried to store for our family but it didn’t work, they were just too big!
Quick, for all you math people: how heavy is a full 55gal barrel of water?
When it was full of Teriaki sauce the label said 532lbs, so moved over a literal ton of water in about 40 mins. Ok ok, so i really just rolled them around and drained them on the grass, they were still real hard to move.
Man, what am i doing up so late? g’night.


7 thoughts on “2-Oct-2006

  1. hello Colleen, at least one of them was full of teriyaki sauce.
    Plus, what if the millenium comes, and there’s tons of destruction everywhere, and all of the plumbings broken, and Christ drops by and is like “wow, milleniums are harder than they look. I’m parched, got any water?” He quickly drains your only barrel-ful (Christ can hold his own in a water drinking competion, believe you me) and wants more. You reply “I”m sorry, we only had two barrels, and the other is full of teriyaki sauce.” Christ justly responds “for your lack of adequate food and water storage, I’m sending you to the terestial kingdom!”
    How would you feel then, Colleen?

  2. I think Aaron and Scott are confused. Brent obviously said “WHEN it WAS full of Teriyaki sauce…” I think that the drums used to be full of Teriyaki sauce, and then Eliza’s parents filled them with water. It may still be Teriyaki sauce flavored, however, depending on how well they rinsed, and what kind of material the drums were made out of. Would Christ be OK with Teriyaki sauce flavored water?

  3. Holy cow these comments had me laughing really hard!
    My parents have 9 – 55 gallon drums (6 used to be Eva’s, she left them when she moved). They were purchased from an emergency supply place. If you purchase used drums they are almost half the price of a new ones. They used to hold teriyaki sauce and were triple washed before they were sold. They are actually a really good quality, heavy duty plastic barrel. (Side note: my parents are trying to get rid of most of them if anyone is interested in buying one)

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