Eliza is way better than me at Super Mario bros. (original). She can remember every secret 1up and coin block there is. In two player mode she got to world 4, with one warp, before I even got a turn! Now, I like to think that I’m ok at video games but I was impressed by the excellently executed button mashing.
Mid-terms this week so not much else to write about unless you want to know correct principles of Software Engineering or the difference in memory mapping between the C statements
int x = 5;
int &x = 5;

The light at the end of the tunnel is: just one more semester to go.

(I hate smileys)


4 thoughts on “19-Oct-2006

  1. * slight blushing * Thanks for the compliment sweetheart. Not much else to write about? I know! Since you always bother me to give a baby-bopper update, I think you should to… from the daddy perspective.

  2. Scott’s better than me at…everything, especially games. I think I at least have him beat at horseback riding, and for now at least, making Ben happy (the second one isn’t really comparable though, since I’m sure if he had breasts he would totally win at that one too).
    I don’t think I’ve even started walking the tunnel for my education. My new goal is to have my DVM by the time I’m 30. I don’t know if 7 years is enough time. 😦

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