Happy 9th

Happy 9th month to our little not-yet-born baby. As of today he has been medically considered alive for exactly 9 months. From one single cell to a few trillion, it’s been a long journey for the little guy so far – way to go! Hopefully only one more week left ( baby: Fridays are good for me, check your calendar and get back with me ).

John stayed with us for the last two nights, it’s been cool. Super C is the best game ever for two players: even though we only got to level 4 or 5 after 40 mins. it’s still fun. Do I like video games too much?
Hmm, does teaching your kids how to play count as Father-Son time? …yes, yes I think it does.
That’d be cool too.


7 thoughts on “Happy 9th

  1. dude, teaching kids video games is totally quality time. Will loves playing joust with me. It’s a good game for him too, because jumping is so easy, and once you start running, you don’t stop. What’s Super C? Contra?

  2. yeah dude, we totally played Atari with dad.
    I’m totally going to play videogames with my kids. That is, until they start to get close to beating me, that’s when I retire from the craft undefeated.

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