I decided that I like REM enough that I ought to actually buy their music. I heard that their “Out of Time” disc was pretty good so I went to Rasputin’s and got it along with one of REM’s others (both used, about $2 each). After listening to the other disc and deciding that it was okay I opened my primary purchase. Bunk. It was not the “out of time” CD but the exact same disk as the first but in the wrong case. Dangnabbit! By that time I was too far away to take it back and didn’t even feel like it anyways.
A week ago I ordered another “out of time” on ebay (no case just the disk, $2.50 total). It came today in a nice padded envelope, no scratches. But why would I mention it unless something went wrong – like being broken completely in half during shipping! Foiled again. Maybe I’ll just consign myself to a life of no new music; that would save me the utter disappointment of having it go wrong again.
Nothing risked, nothing gained.


6 thoughts on “Music

  1. No no, Rachel’s got it all wrong. The devil doesn’t want you to have that cd because it’s so good*. Are you going to let the adversary win?!!?

    *Album may or may not actually be good. I’ve never heard it.

  2. dude, it’s only $2. I always remember the employees at rasputin’s checking the case when you bought something. what feedback dud you give the guy who sold you the cd on ebay?

  3. Poor sweetheart! I didn’t know the background story of this saga… why don’t you tell me these things in person? Shouldn’t I have hear stuff first hand? Isn’t that the bonus of being your wife?

  4. I suggest the album they put out in 2000 or 2001 or so, called “reveal”. You’ve never heard anything off of it, but it’s all awesome.
    Good luck with out of time. I hope it’s really good to have caused all this trouble.

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