Jacob Marius Turner
Jacob – from the scriptures, Marius – after Eliza’s great-grandfather, Turner – he’s my progeny after all

Well folks you heard it here first. Little Turner Jr., my first born son, entered the world at 7:07am today; Nov 6th 2006. The stats:

  • 36+ hours in hospital
  • mostly waiting, ~2hrs active pushing
  • little more than 7hrs sleep in those two nights
  • name: undisclosed as of yet
  • weight: 10.02lbs! – my fav stat
  • length: an average 22″
  • most suprising stat: a full head of light brown hair – wow, thought he’d be a baldie
  • parents: 2, both very tired but will be okay
  • good sleeper – just like his pop

More details will come later I need to do homework and get back to the hospital. Yeah everyone, he finally came out to see the world, have a cigar on me.

PS: thank you all for your prayers, I really believe that that’s what got all three of us out so well


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  1. Hey, this is like… months late… But i was just wondering all of a sudden. You say he’s named after Jacob from the scriptures… but there were at LEAST three jacobs in the scriptures. Was he named after a specific one? Just curious.

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