Here are some good pics, enjoy

Waiting for things to begin, she looks happy still.

Us together, a good pic.

Tada! A baby popped out.

Dad gets to hold him too.

Eliza and Jacob
Ready to go home.


4 thoughts on “Here are some good pics, enjoy

  1. So joking comments about Brianon in bed with other girls aren’t okay, but serious ones about another man’s wife being pretty are fine? Women are complex creatures.

  2. Yay!! What a darling little Turner! Look at those cheeks! Adam’s never had cheeks like that, even when he reached 10 lbs!! 😉
    Wasn’t that just the most awesome thing in your life? Jeff was awed and overcome by the beauty of watching our son enter the world.
    AND, in response to above comments, it’s perfectly okay for a man to compliment women who aren’t his wife…to say “She’s pretty” is kind and honest…to say “she’s hot” is when the line gets crossed.

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