What’s it called again?

What is that thing called again that happens at night, when your eyes are closed; oh gosh what was it, um, err, y’know and you want to rest and not think about anything because you’re so tired… uh, I think that it begins with an S or something. Could someone please help me out with this one? I just can’t remember it’s been too long since…


7 thoughts on “What’s it called again?

  1. The joys of parenthood!! According to Dr. Weissbluth (from “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child”, a book I have found EXPRETMELY helpful!!) this will get worse, peak around 6 weeks, and then subside….eventually, he will sleep more than 30 minutes at a time, then he’ll sleep more than 3 hours, then you’ll get a full night’s rest. And I usually hate to advertise, but the above mentioned book will help you get to the full night’s rest sooner than your own knowledge will. It worked for me, for the mother of the baby I watch, and for Jeff’s older sister. I got this book because it worked for a lady in Mom B’s ward, so mom got me the book. It doesn’t have much advise for newborns, but it helps you understand them better, and gives you ideas for those nights when they seem to be inconsolable. Once he reaches that 6-week mark, the book really comes in handy, and thereafter you can use it as a guideline to help you control how (and how long) Jacob sleeps.

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