I don’t watch TV very often ( < 6 hrs /week ) but, I saw this really cool show yesterday. I know some of you have mentioned it on here before but I just discovered the show House. It was kind of a doctor show with a lot of freaky grusome surgeries-gone-wrong and a cool what-is-reality side plot.
I’m always impressed at shows that can make it seem like the main character is going crazy, where you can’t quite tell if what they’re experiencing is real for them or not ( The Forgotten, Memento, st:tng – All Good Things… ). He (House) was hallucinating , but the people in his hallucinations were actually him talking to himself in his own head, I love that kind of stuff! By analizing what he was trying to tell himself through characters in his subconcious he was able break his mind out of the dream. Add to it a bunch of medical mumbo-jumbo and viola, a decent Tuesday night shows pops out.

Just thought I’d share.

The only other shows that I watch occasionally are Survivor and Seinfeld.


3 thoughts on “20-Dec-2006

  1. House is my Favorite! We always have to go over to Scott’s parent’s house to watch it, because we don’t have TV. We usually forget to record it or get there too late, and miss it. We own the first 2 seasons on DVD, if you guys ever want to borrow!

  2. I don’t watch TV ever and we have a big screen. I miss good TV like Fresh Prince and/or Duck Tales and/or Small Wonder. Sigh. I don’t think you can understand my love…TV taught me English, how to kill, and how to count (thanks, Count!).

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