An update…

Well Christmas is over and done with now; it’s sad to leave. My favorite gift? A GBA game called Advance Wars. Its super sweet! It’s a military turn-based strategy game: kind of like Risk but more like a cross between Axis and Alies and Warcraft 1(if you remember back that far). It’s highly addictive so no wonder Santa got it for me.

I like games.

Out of state friends have been around somewhat so that’s cool. I need more friends.
And more friends need me?

3/4 of my teachers have turned in the grades already – I did okay this semester. However, teacher #4 is lazy (though he is from Santa Cruz so we’ll just call him “laid back” instead) and won’t get them out until we pelt him with emails.

Work is coo’ too. Since my office is mostly out for the week, I work from home and stay in my pj’s all day. Listen to some tunes and change the baby in the inbetweenie works out pretty nice.

Harpy New Years everyone.


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  1. I LOVE that picture of Jacob! How cute! Adam makes that face a lot…but I have yet to get a picture of it. Glad you liked Christmas…hope you enjoy the new year. Love ya!

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