A nice monthlong hiatus

Right now between school and babysitting my major hobby is fixing in the computer. A new quieter case, some more memory, and maybe something else.while discussing some of the options with my wife, she finally says: “why don’t we just get a Mac?”. A Mac! Bah. Then I was going to go through the whole analogy of fixing a computer for me is like how some guys fix a car. But, I decided that she, being a girl, would rather appreciate an analogy that had to deal with cleaning. I will relate the following: fixing a PC is like cleaning your house. You buy a the cleaners, and the tools, and do all the work yourself. Then, in the end, you have a fairly clean house and you know just what has been cleaned and what hasn’t, because you did it yourself. This is how I relate to my computer. However, owning and operating a Macintosh is like hiring a maid service to clean your home for you. Sure the job gets done right and your house looks really nice but, where is your satisfaction and doing the job yourself? I made a choice long-ago to learn how to work computers. Not how to work on cars.

In other news…

We have recently joined Netflix; so, last night we watched Taledega Nights. it was okay, but seemed more a parody of a parody movie. If someone could explain something to me: why do people still think that kids that curse are still funny? Sure, maybe 10 years ago, or when South Park was on, maybe. But, if I want to see kids that swear I’ll just watch that nanny show or talk to my neighbor’s kids (ohhh a zinga). On the movie, they weren’t even good at swearing or being rude, heck, I could swear better than that!


5 thoughts on “A nice monthlong hiatus

  1. Listen to your wife. She obviously knows what she is talking about. You Turner boys hate your Macs. It’s like how I hate key lime pie, but I’ve never had key lime pie. Totally unfounded. Especially since Macs are awesome. But key lime pie is probably gross.

  2. Hey, Brent’s back. Okay, I was just spending far too much effort in coming up with a better Mac analogy. I had a decent one going with mobile homes, but then I decided that it wasn’t worth the effort. Macs suck, the end.

  3. I’ve used and owned (via my parents growing up) both Mac’s and PC’s. SO out of everyone who has commented, I think I am the most authoritative. Mac’s are ok for some people. My parents can’t figure out computers. A Mac is good for them. People who are into very style oriented homes are good w/ Macs too. Brent likes to be able to fix up his computer. A Mac is not good for him. simple.

  4. I think it would be nice to have a computer that did not need fixing. Why do they have to break down more than our cars do?! We’ve only taken Brent’s car to a mechanic twice, his computer has been down or frozen or on the brink of death more times than I can remember. So, in purchasing and upgrading our computer I wanted one that would be more stable… is that too much to ask? I understand the analogies and if Macs are truly that hard and you have to take them somewhere to get fixed then that would be annoying, but many people say they hardly ever need fixing. I’m babbling on aren’t I??? I stop now.

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