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Here is a song from homestar:
It doesn’t go with my regular music files, I listen to it on repeat until I almost trash it (once a week).

I haven’t talked much about school yet this year.
My classes are:
Monday and Wednesday – Prehistoric Life
Tuesday and Thursday – Business Ethics (philosophy), Perl programming
Wednesday morning – Tennis

I’m home by the early afternoon every day and am off on Fridays, so my afternoons are devoted to tending young Mr. Turner. The two halves of my day can be both challenging and fun in their own way.

My philosophy class is okay, but two problems are:
1) the class isn’t challenging enough (West Valley was much tougher)
2)my professor comes from a psychology background so we don’t ever feel like we come to any conclusions just that everyone’s opinion is okay

Tennis is awesome everyone should play.

The Perl class is my most challenging, we’ve done some really neat projects with webpages, CGI scripts, and other fun things.

Prehistoric Life has been very interesting: I’ve always wondered how a college-level professor would teach the origin of life and species to regular students, not just the science majors. Seeing as how some 40% of the nation believes in a Divine Creation my professor approached the subject cautiously… at first.
The nice thing about it was that we talked about the scientific method and how rocks and fossils are dated during the first third of the semester. Now we’ve slipped on by the big bang and algae, through crustaceans and dinosaurs and have now arrived at mammals. Or as he would say “by now mammals have appeared”. Call me crazy but I just don’t see the causal connection from one species to another. Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen it happen, or because the immensity and depth of time dizzy my mortal brain to the point of disbelief, I don’t know.
So, I remain a creationary agnostic.
We find these fossils here and can prove, according to worldly knowledge, that species such and such lived during XX and died because of this or that which led to …; I appreciate the wisdom of man but I also acknowlege information from other sources. Namely, God didn’t put the creationary details in the Scriptures; therefore, I conclude that either He doesn’t know(preposterous) or I/we are unable and unwilling to accept the way that it really happened or maybe it doesn’t even matter at all.
As a mental exercise, one answer that I lean towards is the fact that God will not break his own laws; now assuming that our laws of phyics and such are His laws also, then we must conclude that He created things through means that we can understand, mortally. The question is then: have we identified the correct priciples and processes that create a human? I would then have to answer no, along with every other rational being.
Until then I patiently await the day of understanding in my search for Truth.


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  1. I can see a possiblity that God, while creating different species, started with easy ones, and went forward from there. He may have even used ones he had already created as a base for other ones, and just modified a few things. I don’t really think he did that with humans though. To me, we don’t appear to be even close to monkeys. I mean, look at all the other types of monkeys. They’re all really similar. And then there’s us, not even close.
    Basically what I think is, if there was evolution, God did it.

  2. Speaking of fossils, Rachel and I went trilobite mining today. I’ll post pictures later.
    The narrations we have of the creation (at least all that I’ve been in contact with in the church) are all so highly symbolic it seems a mistake to take them as a literal account of how God created the world. There are still some evangelical Christians out there who think the world was created in six twenty-four hour days (interestingly enough the Bible starts counting days before the Earth was created).
    In the end evolution doesn’t really matter to me spiritually. If one accepts that we are children of God then how he chose to form our physical bodies seems less important than how we use them and treat them.
    There’s been some “fun” discussions about this at BYU.

  3. Evolution is a how, religion is a why. I don’t think we evolved from monkeys, but I do think the Lord was smart enough to put a way for animals to adapt and evolve in order to survive.
    As for the creation, I wouldn’t worry too much. The Lord knows how he did it, and you’ll find out when you get to the Celestial Kingdom. You have to, to make your own world.

  4. I like the discussions we have as a result of your class, they are interesting. How come you didn’t tell much about your experiences “tending young Mr. Turner”? Plus you left out that you attend institute on Mon/Wed (and that you don’t like it much) and that Friday’s are devoted to searching for work.
    Tennis gives you big fat blisters, but I’m glad you get some exercise in once a week. We should play sometime… you’ll have to teach me because I suck at Tennis.
    I don’t like the word agnostic. It’s weird.

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