In case you didn’t know, it’s hot today.
I have been charting my computer’s temps recently to see if it is overheating, here is what I have so far:


3 thoughts on “hot

  1. Answer: I only measure the temps; then add fans: some blow in, some out, some just over key components, some with heat sinks/pipes, and my CPU fan has a dial to manually control voltage.

  2. okay, we need to work on your presentation of data; that chart tells us relatively little about the situation. I’m assuming it’s in chronological order? You know Excel has a cool sort feature right?
    Okay, I just plugged your numbers in to a spreadsheet and did some calculations. It seems as though if your ambient room temperature goes above 97.36°f then you should successfully reach your goal of exploding your CPU. That’s pretty warm for an interior room though, so I think you’re going to be okay for the time being.
    I say you go cooking oil though, it’d be way cool.

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