I have a job interview next Wednesday, it’s for a pretty sweet programming position. The company is not too big nor very old and they process inter-insurance data. It may sound boring but I think that it is a really good job for me right now. This will actually be my third interview with the company, the first was a general informational one, the second a technical knowledge quiz, both over the phone. For this final one the CEO want to “get to know” me to see if I’d be a good fit for them (and make sure I’m not a psycho or hippie I guess).
So thus is my dilemma: to shave the beard or not?
I started growing it on the weekend that Jacob was born, so 6 months now. I’d had planned to keep it a while as I hate shaving so much and it makes me look a bit older. However, another factor to consider in my “fitting in” with them, that cannot be ignored, is that the interview is in SLC. That’s right, Mormontown™. Do they have an RM sense? Will they look down on me for letting my wiskers grow past the skin, I mean it’s only natural right? Or will this, my sense of individuality, let them know that I’m a creative thinker – out of the box (when, anyone who knows me will say I’m clearly in the box). Eliza says that the question is up to me; though, for some reason I think that she slightly wants it to go, for personal or professional reasons I cannot tell. And I slightly want to keep it, except that I want this job moreso.

Friends, countrymen, lend me your ears!
Tell me what you think I should do and why (limit 100 words each will be considered).

I also might post pics of me currently for those that didn’t see me last week at the weddin’.


7 thoughts on “Shorn?

  1. For SLC, I think maybe shave it. No one here has beards. But after you get the job, you could grow it again. I’ve also heard men are more likely to get hired if they are clean shaven, unless you’re interviewing in Santa Cruz, or Berkeley.

  2. having recently come from mormontown, i can tell you that they are very anal about being clean-shaven. if the point is to convey that you’ll fit in with the company, a smooth face is probably you’re best bet.
    then again, some people in slc aren’t as crazy as the byu honorcode. i’d like to think that a beard wouldn’t mean the difference between getting a job or not. also, it’s your decision.

  3. I wouldn’t shave. SLC is a lot different than Provo (the “true mormontown”). Plus programmers have beards, it’s a stereotype. GO with it.
    It’s also somewhat of a BYU tradition to grow a beard as soon as you get out. Oddly enough, I contacted one of my MTC teachers the other day when I found out he had a book published (mission cartoons). One of the first items in his email was that he was working at a cancer research lab in SLC and had a beard.
    Hey, wanna grab dinner together while your in SLC?

  4. Keep it. It looks really good on you. Also, it makes you look older and more responsible. As Aaron said, SLC isn’t Provo, let alone BYU. And I’ve had multiple conversations with Eliza about how she likes it when you have a beard.

  5. oooh, two and two. big help we are eh? I come from a job where i hire people all the time, and facial hair isn’t allowed. But as long as it’s neatly trimmed it should be okay.

  6. Jeff and I say shave it. Like chiberae said, you can grow it out again after you are established as a respectable person who is needed and wanted in the company…once they know you work hard and are great to work with, they are less likely to judge a beard. First impressions are often taken badly and though SLC isn’t as crazy about that as Provo is, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. They are more likely to notice a beard in a negative way than a clean shaven face. There’s nothing bad to say about a clean shaven face unless you’re a Nazarine. **though personally, I like beards and am encouraging Jeff to grow his when we are in Idaho**

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