And the results are

(polls are now closed, results in order of response)
RK shave 1 – 0
BB shave 2 – 0
AK keep 2 – 1
AT keep 2 – 2
SP keep 2 – 3
ET shave 4 – 3 (her vote counts double)

final count:
4 shaves, 3 keeps; the shaves win!

P1000822 P1000826

yes, that’s really what I look like under there
wish me luck


3 thoughts on “And the results are

  1. Wow, my vote counts double?! Thanks honey, that makes me feel so special. :o)
    Well at least your face isn’t lighter where your beard used to be. I think you are so cute, these pictures remind me of how you looked when we were dating… ** start day dreaming **

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