On the Road

Greetings from Oregon.

Yup, we are on the big move right now. Luckily our motel had wireless internet so I can keep up in warfish. Jacob wouldn’t have been able to make the whole trip in one day so our stop tonight is in Grants Pass. Everyone is white up here except for the hotel manager who is Indian. It’s going to be weird. After another day and a half of rest then it’s time to start the “real job” where they pay me money to write programs (as opposed to school where I pay them to let me write programs). Eliza is getting ansy to check the Fish so gotta go.




7 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. RYC: thanks for the comment and the compliments. I agree that it feels too short, actually. It just seems to like… end. But That was all that I had written, and I guess I just wasn’t in the mood to write more at the time. Maybe I’ll add to it at a later date. thanks for the comment, though.

    I miss you guys! Hope things are going well up in Oregon!

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