Change of hobby

So paintball(pb) is really big up here. Open spaces + lots of trees + and bored people in a rural part of town = go out into the woods and shoot each other for fun.
For example, there’s this guy at church that is always trying to get people to get together and go play, but has been mostly unsuccessful so far it seems. Yesterday he was assigned to teach the EQ lesson and, although usually we have good discussions, this time it was too blatant of an attempt to recruit paintballers. Paintball? I mean fun is fun but at church I generally like to discuss the Gospel and how to be a better person etc., not which in the group had their own pb gear or has private land to use; both of which are plentiful. (right about now some readers are trying to think how pb does make you a better person, but I just don’t want to hear it!).
Despite my temporary annoyance with the lesson subject, it kind of gets me excited to play again and get my gun fixed up. I need a hobby to spend money on and since Warhammer seems hard to find out here, that’s out and pb is in. I think I’ll get a whole new gun too, mine is a cheapo (though I still like it).
I’ll be sure to update if things actually happen.

Thanks to those that bug me about updating, I’m trying to do so at work these days; now if I could only have less warfish games to play…


6 thoughts on “Change of hobby

  1. NumberScott: I am the elder’s quorum activity chairman, so no. But I think I’m going to commandeer the enthusiasm and make it my first activity.

  2. I endorse your paintballing – at least you will be doing something besides sitting in front of the computer all day at work and then most of the evening at home. Plus it gets you out meeting other guys and making a few friends, I think that that is a good thing.

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