I build Big Brother

I am creating Big Brother right now; 8 to 5 every weekday.

The code I write connects police and sheriff databases to each other so that if you get arrested for a crime in one area the police in another area can look it up real-time and see your history (very specific) and outstanding warrants etc. Usually I feel like it’s a good thing and I ask why it isn’t being done already. This day however, it seems like I’m part of some huge uncontrolled plot to…, well I just don’t know exactly what it is (like Project Mayhem?). Ah well, what’s a guy to do.

About a third of my time is spent combing through database records to find test cases — actual people that got arrested at some point and (hopefully) have a lot of data about them that is distinguishing, unique, and [often] hilarious. Most of the data comes from Louisianna, so if you know anyone there I could potentially look up their arrest record [for fun and profit :)]. I’m sure it’d be a security breech somewhere but eh; they usually obfuscate the data anyways so it doesn’t even matter. How’d ya like that “obfuscate” I snuck in there, perdy fancy huh.

So use your imagination, what types of information could be put together. Credit history, bank accounts, arrests, military service, job history, any and all publicly available (or cheaply bought) info brought together; it’s summarized, categorized and spit back out to those who pay us. So running from state to state or county to county won’t hide your criminal past, for better or worse. It may seem that these things are being done already, true, major contracts go to bigger guys, but for a few million we can give access to most governmental agencies at the smallest local level. Nobody else does that. Moral of the story: stay out of the system by staying out of trouble.

Perhaps this is the other side of having a job that changes the world: the world can actually change.


5 thoughts on “I build Big Brother

  1. well, it doesn’t really scare me. I mean all the ID stuff is pretty easily attainable by just paying some website anyways. This seems like it just attaches that stuff to criminal records, to make it easier to do background checks or something. I could pretty much get all the identies I want just by subscribing to some website, but I guess if I broke into this system, I’d be able to pick people who don’t have outstanding warrants that would get me arrested.

  2. Dude, do you have any people (higher-ups) that make sure you don’t throw in some questionable coding? Can they really check line of code to be sure?
    You should totally toss in some code that would mask certain individuals from the system.
    “John Turner?” SEARCHING… “Nope, he’s clean. Let him go.”
    hehehe, sweeeeet.

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