Almost every year my body reverts to being more Cavemanish than usual after summertime. Since it is getting colder up here, the cold weather triggers the those pesky Ugs, from my basal brain, to revolt:

Ug #1 brrr, iz gettin cowld
Ug #2 nah, iz jest da vind blowin
Ug #3 when iz cold an vind blow, no much fud no more
Ug #1 uh jah! we tell stommak, he always get us fud
Ug #3 jah, stommak get for us
Ug #2 no, no tell stommak yet, we hav plenty nuff already
[Ug #1 & Ug #3 pummel Ug #2]
Ug #1 we tell stommak every day…
Ug #3 MOR FUD!

And this goes on and on until my stupid Ugs think to themselves that it’s too cold to go out and tell my stomach to eat. Then they just stay inside and wait until next season. This is what I call “The Hunger”, no matter how much I eat 2 hours later I’m hungry again. Not just that I want to eat, which can be normal, but that my stomach actually feels empty again. Am I actually digesting faster? What’s up with that?

Stupid Ugs.


6 thoughts on “Wintertime?

  1. That was hard to read… but I thought it was funny. My ug’s are telling me the same thing all the time (not just winter) – eat, eat eat…. it’s a constant battle.

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