Here a survey I stole from Rachel.

1. Are you taller than your best friend?
Yes, Little Man J’s only 31″

2. Do you have a favorite type of pen?
Dr. Grip, writes perfectly from the first stroke to the last, had it over 8yrs now

3. Look at your planner for October 14, what are you doing?
my planner says that I don’t plan things that far in advance.

4.What color are your toenails usually?
rounded rouge

5. What was the last thing you highlighted?
this text to erase Rachel’s answer to put in mine

6. What color are the curtains in your bedroom?

7. What color is the shirt your wearing?
hairy-chest brown

8. Have you ever had a black and white cat?
no, but it was read-all-over

9. What is the last thing you put a stamp on?
a spider?

10. Do you know anyone who lives in Wyoming?

11. Why did you withdraw cash from the ATM the last time?
Costco chicken bakes

12. Whose is the last baby that you held?
13.Can you spell well?
w e l l

14. Do you like Cinnamon toothpaste?
yeah, but it doesn’t like me, boo

15. What kind of car were you driving 2 years ago?
same one as today, 1999 altima.

16. Pick one: Bengals or Steelers?

17. Last time you went to Six Flags?

18. Do you have any wallpaper in your house?
no, it’s a rental

19. Closest thing to you that is yellow?
Hansen’s Smoothie can has a banana on it, so whatever ink they use to put labels on cans.

20. Last person to give you a business card?
some guy

21. Who is the last person you wrote a check to?

22. Closest framed picture to you?

23. Last time you had someone cook for you?
Eliza poured the milk on my Frostd mini Wheates this morning.

24. Have you ever applied for welfare?
no, but my taxes pay for it.

25. How many emails do you get in your inbox (excluding spam)?
work – 4/day; yahoo – 3/week (usually warfish eliminiateds); hotmail – 3/week; Gmail – 2/month

26. Last time you received flowers?
my niece gave me one within the last 6 months

27. How fast can you type?
not very. Acutally I can type pretty fast while looking at the keys, but not when typing the “correct” way

28. Do you play air guitar?
only air base-guitar

29. Has anyone ever proposed to you?
no dangnabbit, and I’m still waiting!

30. Do you take anything in your coffee?
Is this question even correct english?

31. Do you have any Willow Tree figurines?
No, I’m a guy.

32. What is/was your high school teams rival?
I think it was Leland?

33. Last person you spoke to from high school?
my sister

34. Last time you used hand sanitizer?
when germs were encroaching

35. Would you like to learn to play the drums?
I would

36. What color are the blinds in your living room?
manufactured home beige

38. Last thing you read in the newspaper?
“Rose is Rose” unfortunately

39. What was the last pageant you attended?
temple pageant. – ?

40. What is the last place you bought pizza from?

41. Have you ever worn a crown?
I wear 3 concurrently

42. What is the last thing you stapled?
not my belly; some moulding that had come loose

43. Did you ever drink clear Pepsi?

44. Are you ticklish?
when I want to be

45. Last time you saw fireworks?
In front of my wife’s sister’s husband’s father’s house.

46. Last time you had a Krispy Kreme doughnut?
more than 8 hrs = too long ago

47. Who is the last person that left you a message & you actually returned?
email = 2 hrs ago; phone = last week?

48. Last time you parked under a carport?
? ?

49. Do you have a black dog?
only on my iPod

50.Can you give one reason why David Carouso is allowed to keep acting?

51. Are you an aunt or uncle?
yes, one of the two

52. Who has the prettiest eyes that you know of?
me, ha!

53. Last time you saw a semi truck?
no half trucks here

54. Do you remember Ugly Kid Joe?
Wow, up ’till now I had thought this survey was getting too long and should have stopped at 20 Q’s. But, but, to get a mention in about UKJ has made it all worthwhile. You might not understand: I like the music I do today because of UKJ. *cue flashback sequence* Christmas, I was 13, parents gave me a dual cassette boombox and the edited version of UKJs “America’s Least Wanted”. I listened to it over and over. I even still have that very tape. So yes young one, you see, I do remember Ugly Kid Joe.

55. Do you have a little black dress?


5 thoughts on “9-Oct-2007

  1. I laughed out loud reading #54 – awesome.
    Little J’s your best friend? Have I been demoted by my child??
    Reference to #22 – I gave you a framed picture you took to work, have you thrown it away?
    My eyes didn’t get a mention? ::sigh:: For it being my birthday I’m starting to feel unloved. Pouring milk on your cereal was worth a mention, at least I have that.

  2. You’re so funny. I just want to tell you that. I think maybe I’ll this one, just for fun when I’m bored…I’ve never seen this particular survey before.

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