It’s Alive!

Seeing as how Jacob is almost a year old now I was thinking it was about time I taught him how to walk. Crawling can only get you so far y’know.

edit: looks like the videos might not be working, check the video blog

Here is my first videoed attempt, notice the fake out he gives me at about 20 seconds into it.

Attempt #2…

That’s right: hands free at mark 8, left foot at mark 10, right at 11, left again, right again at mark 13, and finally the hold for balance at the end so no one thinks it was a fake.

He might might be wobbly and the video poor quality, but it still makes me happy inside to see him do it.

Keeping this up and he might actually get to have some siblings after all.


4 thoughts on “It’s Alive!

  1. What a cutie-pie! Jacob walking is a bit unreal, but fun too.
    Rachel, RTYC: when I’ve had a really ruff day (or night) with Jacob and he has been extra challenging I tell him that he is ruining his chances of having a sibling because I am going nuts with just him. So on the good days when he is being so fun and cute I say the opposite, that maybe he’ll get a sibling after all.

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