Sorry, for those of you that read the above post and/or commented, this wasn’t supposed to be a real post. I was just using Xanga to to send this link to my work so I wouldn’t have to email it to myself instead. It was supposed to be marked as private. Efficiency is intelligent laziness I guess.
I know, I know, you thought you finally had incontrovertable evidence that I was a certified Mormublican. Seeing as how that’s not the case though, in the words of Dark Helmet: “foooled you!”.

The real story is that this has been one of the best speeches of the campaign season so far. He references Kennedy’s 1960 speech on his Catholic faith. “Let me assure you that no
authorities of my church, or of any other church for that matter, will
ever exert influence on presidential decisions. Their authority is
theirs, within the province of church affairs, and it ends where the
affairs of the nation begin”. He only specifically talks about mormons one or twice, mostly it was about how he views separation of church and state – no freaky doctrinal explanations necessary. He also gave lots of quotes from Sam Adams on the diversity of religion during the Founding Father’s day. In effect: they came together, we can come together, all different religions of faith. He also says: “My convictions will indeed inform my presidency, not direct it”. There’s lot’s more and he’s very eloquent here for a change but you should just watch it, especially the middle half.


4 thoughts on “7-Dec-2007

  1. lol, that was what I was thinking. I haven’t watched this yet but I did see him in the republican presidential debates and i really was impressed by him in a lot of ways there are still some things I don’t agree with but over all he impressed me.

  2. I read his speech and looked around at some of the reactions on the news sites. Generally it seems to go over well, though some argue that his not directly speaking on the LDS was a weakness (I disagree w/ that and echo your statements on the matter).
    All in all I don’t agree with Romney’s politics so it doesn’t matter he’s a member to me. I’m disheartened that religion is so controversial.

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