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Today, I am an antidentite.

Here’s the little bugger, number 29, anterior. Composite filling, color = A2 (slightly yellow).

The singular point of good news from my visit was that it only required 1 shot, which is about 90% of the agony of getting a filling anyway.

8:30am arrived at office
8:37am seated in “the chair”
8:52am injection time
9:14am all foreign objects finally banished from mouth
9:21am home to seek wifely pitty
10:10am dragged my butt to work, numbness and all
12:42pm ate lunch without incident
1:30pm seek more pitty from Xanga audience

The End.


8 thoughts on “Quick post

  1. 3:30 – your post made me laugh 3:31 – sending kisses and loves over the internet. I understand your fear/detestation of needles. I’m right there with you. Necessary evil though.

  2. I don’t see what the big deal is about fillings. I had like 6 when I was in Idaho. And I had to walk to and from them all in the snow, uphill both ways. Well, uphill on the way back, which is worse. When I was littler I had two of my baby teeth pulled and they gave me six shots, but it still hurt, but the shots hurt when they put the needle in so I just let them do it. Did John tell you about the time he got a filling and the novacaine didn’t do anything at all? Now THAT deserves wifely pity. Or pitty, if you like t’s a lot.

  3. Want a needle horror story? When I went to the dentist a week before Thanksgiving, the numbing needle damaged a nerve whose endings are at the tip of my tongue. You know that tingling feeling when the numbness first starts to wear off? Well, that tingling never left my tongue…it still tingles now. Yeah, I couldn’t really taste anything at Thanksgiving…how sasd is that?
    Even so, I will give you pity. I pity you.

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