Ork codex

Some interresting points from the new Ork codex found so far:

  • painboys give the entire mob they’re with “feel no pain”, only nobs mobs can have painboys though and Doc Grotsnik is one too. Nobs with ‘feel no pain’ is sweet though
  • can’t take any other race’s units (no basilisk )
  • Lootas are regular boys for 15pts each, except each one has a frikkin’ autocannon, is Hd3 instead of H2 but close enough
  • the battlewagon is 14 12 10 and transports 20, it can also get a cannon (s7 ap3 ord) by sacrificing 8 seats

So then I thought this: battlewagon that has an ordinance weapon with 12 capacity and which is open topped, fill those seats with 12 above mentioned Lootas and we have: ordinance weapon with 12 Autocannons @bs=2 which can fire every turn, at separate targets if wanted, all wrapped in armor 14 and doesn’t have to move and so can stay hull down.


One thought on “Ork codex

  1. Nobs w/ feel no pain and cybork bodies are scary (essentially 5+ invulnerable, 4+rereoll). Through in a pk, two or three big choppas in the mob and put them in a trukk (the new ramshackle and mob rules mean they almost never are pinned) and your nobs are almost always in combat turn 1 or 2.
    As for the loss of looted tanks, the only real loss is the indirect fire option for the basilisk. The boom gun w/ hard case is dang close and the points are about the same.
    Yeah, you can conceivably run something like 6 battle wagons w/ the new codex (3 heavy slots and then w/ 3 Nobs squads as boss can take one as troops then two as elites). You could also run 9 killa kans and 2 dreadnaughts (w/ two big meks as the HQ slots). Or be a Goff about is and just run 6 boyz squads of 30 each (which comes out to 1410 points for 174 boys w/ 18 big shootas and 6 nobs w/ pk and boss pole). Add a big mek w/ kff (which only has to touch a mob, rather than cover half of it now)and you have 1500 points. How many shooty armies could take care of that many boys???
    Really what’s awesome about the new codices (at least Eldar and Ork) is how you can run a variety of armies and really represent any fluff w/out the need for another codex (like Clans or Craftworld).

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