Xanga Army Unite!

Today is John’s birthday, March 12th.

Everyone message him and tell him to one or more of the following:

  • actually post to his blog
  • stop getting older
  • make new t-shirts
  • make more movies
  • start making chillin’s
  • play more computer games
  • put the Awesome back in John “Awesome”
  • share his Ale-8-one stash
  • stop working so much

If any of those don’t work for you then tell him to have a happy birthday anyway.


6 thoughts on “Xanga Army Unite!

  1. hmm…You always have clever topics. I don’t have any specific requests, but since you asked me to, and just to pull something random out of from among the floaties in my head, what are your thoughts on…I dunno… butterfinger bars?

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