How I imported my old Xanga Posts

It involves downloading some software to run some code that visits each of your xanga pages that captures and translates all the text there to a WordPress formatted file. Manually fixup the xml from the file and import that to the wordpress blog. Why would you want to do this? WordPress is open, free, and has a supportive user base. If it ever happens to shut down, they make it easy, and free, to download your blog for use somewhere else. You finally own your data again (unlike stinky Xanga).

Here’s what I did:

  1. See, there’s this guy I know… Actually, I don’t know him but he’s still cool because he wrote this awesome page converter for Xanga. The xword program he has is out of date and didn’t work for my blog. I had to use the command-line tool rebol-view with his xanga.r file (both listed on his page).
  2. Once the program completed processing, it spit out an xml file in wordpress format. I signed up for a blog ( and found their import function under Tools > Import. The import failed because xanga inlined lots of stray html which isn’t well-formed xml.
  3. Next came the manual fixup of the myfile.xml. I had to close a bunch of <p> and other html tags so some of the formatting got lost, especially in the comments sections. After that, I imported again and all is well. See my 57 postings from 2005 to 2008, I also categorized and closed comments on the older posts so they should be in an ok archival format.

It’s been real nice to revisit myself from 5 years ago. It’s all posted here if you’d like to browse around. I think I’ll be formally closing my Xanga account soon.

Let me know if you have any questions on the import.


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