I build Big Brother

I am creating Big Brother right now; 8 to 5 every weekday.

The code I write connects police and sheriff databases to each other so that if you get arrested for a crime in one area the police in another area can look it up real-time and see your history (very specific) and outstanding warrants etc. Usually I feel like it’s a good thing and I ask why it isn’t being done already. This day however, it seems like I’m part of some huge uncontrolled plot to…, well I just don’t know exactly what it is (like Project Mayhem?). Ah well, what’s a guy to do.

About a third of my time is spent combing through database records to find test cases — actual people that got arrested at some point and (hopefully) have a lot of data about them that is distinguishing, unique, and [often] hilarious. Most of the data comes from Louisianna, so if you know anyone there I could potentially look up their arrest record [for fun and profit :)]. I’m sure it’d be a security breech somewhere but eh; they usually obfuscate the data anyways so it doesn’t even matter. How’d ya like that “obfuscate” I snuck in there, perdy fancy huh.

So use your imagination, what types of information could be put together. Credit history, bank accounts, arrests, military service, job history, any and all publicly available (or cheaply bought) info brought together; it’s summarized, categorized and spit back out to those who pay us. So running from state to state or county to county won’t hide your criminal past, for better or worse. It may seem that these things are being done already, true, major contracts go to bigger guys, but for a few million we can give access to most governmental agencies at the smallest local level. Nobody else does that. Moral of the story: stay out of the system by staying out of trouble.

Perhaps this is the other side of having a job that changes the world: the world can actually change.


Change of hobby

So paintball(pb) is really big up here. Open spaces + lots of trees + and bored people in a rural part of town = go out into the woods and shoot each other for fun.
For example, there’s this guy at church that is always trying to get people to get together and go play, but has been mostly unsuccessful so far it seems. Yesterday he was assigned to teach the EQ lesson and, although usually we have good discussions, this time it was too blatant of an attempt to recruit paintballers. Paintball? I mean fun is fun but at church I generally like to discuss the Gospel and how to be a better person etc., not which in the group had their own pb gear or has private land to use; both of which are plentiful. (right about now some readers are trying to think how pb does make you a better person, but I just don’t want to hear it!).
Despite my temporary annoyance with the lesson subject, it kind of gets me excited to play again and get my gun fixed up. I need a hobby to spend money on and since Warhammer seems hard to find out here, that’s out and pb is in. I think I’ll get a whole new gun too, mine is a cheapo (though I still like it).
I’ll be sure to update if things actually happen.

Thanks to those that bug me about updating, I’m trying to do so at work these days; now if I could only have less warfish games to play…

On the Road

Greetings from Oregon.

Yup, we are on the big move right now. Luckily our motel had wireless internet so I can keep up in warfish. Jacob wouldn’t have been able to make the whole trip in one day so our stop tonight is in Grants Pass. Everyone is white up here except for the hotel manager who is Indian. It’s going to be weird. After another day and a half of rest then it’s time to start the “real job” where they pay me money to write programs (as opposed to school where I pay them to let me write programs). Eliza is getting ansy to check the Fish so gotta go.



And the results are

(polls are now closed, results in order of response)
RK shave 1 – 0
BB shave 2 – 0
AK keep 2 – 1
AT keep 2 – 2
SP keep 2 – 3
ET shave 4 – 3 (her vote counts double)

final count:
4 shaves, 3 keeps; the shaves win!

P1000822 P1000826

yes, that’s really what I look like under there
wish me luck


I have a job interview next Wednesday, it’s for a pretty sweet programming position. The company is not too big nor very old and they process inter-insurance data. It may sound boring but I think that it is a really good job for me right now. This will actually be my third interview with the company, the first was a general informational one, the second a technical knowledge quiz, both over the phone. For this final one the CEO want to “get to know” me to see if I’d be a good fit for them (and make sure I’m not a psycho or hippie I guess).
So thus is my dilemma: to shave the beard or not?
I started growing it on the weekend that Jacob was born, so 6 months now. I’d had planned to keep it a while as I hate shaving so much and it makes me look a bit older. However, another factor to consider in my “fitting in” with them, that cannot be ignored, is that the interview is in SLC. That’s right, Mormontown™. Do they have an RM sense? Will they look down on me for letting my wiskers grow past the skin, I mean it’s only natural right? Or will this, my sense of individuality, let them know that I’m a creative thinker – out of the box (when, anyone who knows me will say I’m clearly in the box). Eliza says that the question is up to me; though, for some reason I think that she slightly wants it to go, for personal or professional reasons I cannot tell. And I slightly want to keep it, except that I want this job moreso.

Friends, countrymen, lend me your ears!
Tell me what you think I should do and why (limit 100 words each will be considered).

I also might post pics of me currently for those that didn’t see me last week at the weddin’.