Whoof! Finals are over: another semester down the drain. I’ll be taking a break for the next couple of days letting my brain scab over so my poor grey matter can heal. If all has gone well (ie: passed Graph Theory) I can graduate with a minor in math. I see it as major accomplishment in my life. A real Heber J. Grant learing to play baseball type moment. Never did well in high school math, c’s if I was lucky and I skipped math altogether senior year, now i’m minoring in it – woot.

I have jury duty next week, I’m just an alternate but I hope they let me do it.



So it’s finally out, Eliza and I will be the proud parents of a baby boy come Oct 28th. Actually, we’re almost halfway through now, the first trimester was kind of rough but things have smoothed out well now, at least for me. In case anyone is interrested I can post the ultrasound picts (yes, we have the one that shows he’s a boy). Personally, I think they’re kind of creepy, especially the earler ones that make it look like some kind of an alien baby; however, Eliza dotes on them almost nightly. Guess it would be weird/neet to have something growing inside of you and moving all around doing its own thing. Think of how hard it is to just share a house with an other person let alone an already full body cavity. Anyways, I am really looking forward to it and expect to be tossing little Xavier around within a year 🙂

I figured it out!

Why is getting a haircut is so …uncomfortable.

You are at the barber’s and the lady/some other guy is trimming away and trying to chit chat <to self>less talkin’, mo’ cuttin'</to self> and you wonder why you always dread getting a haircut. Is it the price? No, not at $12.00 + $2 tip, < $15 for a decent cut is a good deal. Does it take too long? Too far away? No, not where I go. The biggest probem with haircuts is that your personal space is deeply invaded . They touch your hair, head, neck, and etc.; the only other person with those privleges is my wife! Sure sure, the doctor/dentist can also get pretty close, but at least they possibly have a professional degree and would not expose your unmentionables, without warning. Yet I faithfully go every six weeks and pay them to do it all; because, otherwise I’d have to be all ghetto and shave it myself in the bathroom, to 1/4 inch all around of course. Anyways, I just wish that there was some other way to get a decent do without the weirdness. If only Pete and Pete were still around, they’d know what to do.